5 Ways to Add an Arabian Feel to Your House


If you’re looking to give your house an exotic feel, you should definitely consider lending it an Arabian touch. Living in an Arab country for more than twenty years, I have always been fascinated by the unique luxury that Arab houses have even in the simplest details. This is why I decided to begin my travel-themed series with the charms of the Arab world.

Morrocan-style mirrors are definetely a must in every Arabian-themed house. In fact, not only are they gorgeous but they also make your walls look bigger.

The colourful tiles :

The Lanterns that add a magical lustre to your house :

The comfy lounge spaces : pillows, pillow and more pillows

The marvellous fountains that are found almost in every traditional Arabic house’s courtyard. They are usually surrounded by trees and/or plants. Some people like to add colourful lights to their fountains while others choose to  ornament them with rose petals. Either way they are simply wonderful :

The unique doors with their different shapes and styles :

Everytime you walk into one of these doors, you feel like there is a new adventure waiting for you at the other side.



please feel free to leave your comments below. I would love to know your opinons and suggestions … Thank you and lots of love :)


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