It Used to Be a Door : Old Door Repurposing

You do not know what to do with your rusty old doors? Now is the time for you to give them a new purpose.

Here 10 ways to help re-use your old doors :

1- The Door Shelf :


All you have to do is cut the door panels , use the same panels as shelves or get new wood boards istead (you’ll have to use wood glue and screws to attach the shelves in their place)

2 – Hanging Garden Table :


What’s better than a swing ? A swing table.

3 – Mirror :


Click here if you want to know the steps.

4 – Room Divider :


All you have to do is hinge them together (you can also add some roller casters so you can move it easilly)

5 – Door Knob Hangers :

Just perfect! You can use them anywhere.

6 – Dresser :


All you need is a mirror and a wood board and you(ve got your self a lovely dresser !

7 – Headboard :

8 – Wall lighting without wall damage  :


Attach sconces to door panels to add lighting to your room without having to worry about wall damage.

9 – Desk :

Click here for the video tutorial

10 – Paint it :

If you have more artistic tendencies you can always turn your old door into a work of art 😉


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