Going Gray in your 20’s

Style by Stefana


Have you ever experienced that moment when you look in the mirror and see a gray hair? Only, you are in your 20’s not your 50’s? Have you ever wondered what causes this and how to prevent it?

Science behind those grays

First the facts, hair goes gray when pigment-producing cells stop releasing melanin, which gives it color. Unfortunately, going gray prematurely is due to a large part of genetics or could be the result of an autoimmune condition.

Lifestyle Changes

There are a few main points that cause your hair color to shift to those grays, stress of course being one of them. While it’s not something that is going to cause you to go gray all at once, it does seem to add to the problem, so find opportunities to de-stress as much as possible. (Think of ways to decompress after a long stressful day; such as…

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