The Age of the Kimono : Top 10 Ways to Style a Kimono Jacket

I have always been in love with Japanese Kimonos and their beautiful and diverse patterns. It seems that I am not the only one who feels that way because  Kimono-inspired cardigans are so in style this year. However, styling them can be a bit tricky, but it really should not because you can literally style them with anything. You just have to be careful about a few details.

1 – Keep it Simple :

Kimono jackets are known for their bold patterns and rich colours. That is why you should stick to plain neutral colours to avoid making your outfit over-complex and awkward. So, a plain black/white tee and a pair of jeans or shorts will do, and your kimono will take it from there.

New Look Inspire Folk Fringe Kimono £24.99
New Look Inspire Folk Fringe Kimono £24.99

H&M2 – The Other Way Round :

Not all Kimono jackets are that complex, some of them are very simple and just as gorgeous and you can easily wear them with anything, patterned or not.

Embroidered Chiffon Kimono $34.90
Embroidered Chiffon Kimono $34.90

3 – The Kimono Robe :

Why style it with anything when you can wear it on its own?


4 – Boho Chic :

You can go boho-chic with a cute romper or a maxi dress.

maxi dress6bdfeb8e135a95ee257d278ad7d5b705

5 – Western :

You can get that 7O’s western look with flare jeans and an embroidered kimono.

Mick, Stevie Christine00052912-036 – Bathing Suit Cover-up :

White Long Sleeve Crochet lace Kimono7 – Party Dress :

Give your party dress a casual look. Your friends wouldn’t even notice it’s the same dress you wore to a friend’s party.

dress8 – Leather it up :

You can rock it with black leather pants and an embroidered lace kimono.

Navy London Lace Embroidered Kimono £65.00
Navy London Lace Embroidered Kimono £65.00

9 – Crop  Top :

Rose Print Maxi Kimono $29.90

crop top10 – Mom Jeans :

You can give your high-waisted mom jeans a modern and cool look by pairing them with a floral kimono.

mom jeans

Note : By clicking on some of these photos you will be immediately redirected to the original websites you can order them from.


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